1. Happy 2nd Birthday Sophie!! But seriously, I cannot imagine what you went through. I had horrible nausea and heartburn for about 5 months with each of my pregnancies, but never did I actually throw up. And seriously just reading this my heart what out to you for all you did go through. You are definitely brave for this and so much more. And don’t sell yourself short on that one ever!! 🙂
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  2. I think you were totally brave, and still are for sharing. I did a similar thing tonight where I confessed to not actually feeling brave but concluding that sometimes, surviving unexpected life things, is brave. I had no idea you had such a hard time swallowing during your pregnancy with Sophie. What a scary and horrible thing. And yeah, I agree with you that she was most absolutely worth it. And also? You, pregnant, photos, are over the top adorable. Happy, Happy Birthday to Sophie. May it be beautiful and princessy and perfect and amazing.
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  3. Wow, Stephanie, what an ordeal! I cannot imagine going through pregnancy like that. I think it is indeed brave! My post is not about a particularly “stand up and fight the man” or “rescue orphans from a burning vehicle” brand of bravery, but about the every day, show up, try, fail, try, keep going type of bravery. I just LOVE your pregnancy pictures! I so wish I had more pics from my pregnancies!! Lovely lovely post, my friend.
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    • I LOVED your post. I kind of wish I had taken more pregnant photos, too. I didn’t think about it as much as I wish I had. And yes, the pregnancy wasn’t great, but it’s amazing how bad I realize it actually was, now that I look back on it with perspective!
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  4. You were very brave, Stephanie – you don’t give yourself enough credit. You took care of your daughter while you were miserable and scared, and you survived. And I can’t think of a better reward for your bravery – happy birthday Sophie! Oh – and you wore much cuter maternity clothes than I did. I don’t think I would want to share mine!
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  5. Oh my–those CHEEKS. Edible.

    And yes, I think it WAS brave to make it through that pregnancy. Yikes–sounds like the worst I’ve heard, I think.

    My youngest will be 2 in early Nov. I didn’t realize they were so close in age!
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    • Thanks Nina. It’s amazing, whenever I hear horror stories about pregnancy and bedrest, or 9 months of morning sickness, I always think that is sounds awful. Then I remember that my pregnancy was actually pretty bad. And I didn’t realize how close our kids were either- how funny!
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  6. Your esophagus was closed? And they didn’t catch that? I suppose that they couldn’t do more invasive testing because you were pregnant, but hell. They should have had an inkling.
    I’m sorry that you had to endure all that pain and you did and that makes you a rock star.
    Happy Birthday sweet cheeks. You have a brave and beautiful momma.
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    • Kind of crazy, right? Yeah, there wasn’t any way for them to see in there without an endoscopy, which is supposedly risky when you are pregnant, with the anesthesia. But sometimes I wonder if it would have been better to just do one and get some answers. It pretty much sucked. And thanks for that! 🙂
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  7. We’ve all jumped our own hurdles, and any time it concerns our health, it is scary. And you said it best: the purgatory of not knowing is wrenching. Good for you for keeping your head about you (as best you could!), and birthing a beautiful baby girl…again!! xo
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  8. I totally think you were brave! That would have been frustrating and a little scary even if you weren’t pregnant. Keeping it together and soldiering on through the whole thing is certainly a brave thing to have accomplished! (BTW – my dad has that condition. He has had his esophagus stretched at least 2 or 3 times and he is the slowest eater I know. Better than another trip to the ER to dislodge food, though!)
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  9. OMG! That’s a HORRIBLE story! You couldn’t SWALLOW?! So you didn’t get the enjoy the great things of pregnancy, like endless bowls of Kraft dinner and jars of Nutella? Oh honey, I’m SO sorry. BUT, look on the bright side – you didn’t have any baby weight to lose! 😉 xo

    • I had a few good months when I got to be a hog. Which was good, because those few months had to tide me over for the rest of the pregnancy in terms of calories and weight gain. And yep, I just slipped back into my old jeans a few weeks after delivery! (That’s not bragging- two years later, those pants no longer fit. I suck.)
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  10. What a damn nightmare!! As I was reading your story, I thought, “Wait…I think she has achalacia, but I don’t know that it’s associated with pregnancy so maybe not?” I absolutely can’t believe you faced achalacia during a pregnancy. How frightening and horrific. That you made it through is DEFINITE proof of bravery in my book. Dealing with something like that on an even playing field is tough enough. Dealing with it under the physical, emotional, and hormonal stress of pregnancy is beyond tough. You are a rock star and a hero. Period!

    Happy, happy birthday to your sweet Sophie! She’s adorable! –Lisa

  11. I always told my students that courage meant you were afraid but you did the right thing anyway. I’m pretty sure you fit that. I had a hard second pregnancy and about 2 minutes after my daughter was born, I broke down in the OR. They thought I was hyperventilating but I was just crying. Out of relief and joy that it was over and that my daughter had survived when I was certain that she was lost in my first trimester. Millions have had babies which means there are millions of courageous people out there. It IS hard.
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  12. Oh, how I remember the daily or twice/thrice phone calls to update me on Stephanie’s ability to keep food down. Sometimes it’s worse for the “loved one” to watch from afar; you really wish you could jut take the pain and worry away and saddle it on your own shoulders. I felt that every day. I do remember Stephanie’s OB Doc saying that unborn babies are like parasites, “They take from their mommy what they need to grow and leave what is left – or not – for mommy.” That gave me such comfort; I knew my unborn granddaughter was thriving, and I also knew my daughter would be OK, albeit the number of IV drips she had to endure. As we celebrated Sophie’s 2nd birthday yesterday, I remembered vividly the month I spent at their house a year ago, a week before Sophie’s birth, and the weeks after. Hats off to my daughter, who had to endure, my son-in-law, for being a “rock,” and the joy of the birth of Sophie Jane.